Purifying spoiled randomness with spoiled randomness

Recently a preprint was posted to ECCC, with the pulse-quickening title “Explicit Two-Source Extractors and Resilient Functions“. If the result is correct, then it really is — shall I say it — a breakthrough in theoretical computer science. One of my favorite things about TCS is how fresh it is. It seems like every other week, an exciting result in all sorts of subareas are announced on arxiv or ECCC. I thought I’d use this as an opportunity to (briefly) explain what this breakthrough is about, for those who aren’t theoretical computer scientists.

Computer programs need sequences of random numbers all the time. Encryption, games, scientific applications need it. But these applications usually assume that they have access to completely unpredictable random number sequences that have no internal patterns or regularities.

But where in the world would we find such perfect, pristine sources of random numbers? The methods that people devise to generate sources of randomness is a fascinating subject in its own right, but long story short, it’s actually really, really hard to get our hands on such good random numbers. Pure randomness, as it turns out, is a valuable resource that is as rare as — perhaps even rarer than — gold or diamond. Continue reading

Sublinear Day at MIT

On Friday, April 10th, MIT will be hosting the second Sublinear Algorithms Day. This event will bring together researchers in the northeast for a day of interaction and discussion.

Sublinear Day will feature talks by five experts in the areas of sublinear and streaming algorithms: Costis Daskalakis, Robert Krauthgamer, Jelani Nelson, Shubhangi Saraf, and Paul Valiant — each giving a 45-minute presentation on the hot and latest developments in their fields.

Additionally, for the first time this year, we will have a poster session! We strongly encourage young researchers (particularly students and postdocs) to present work related to sublinear algorithms. Abstract submission details are available here.

So what are you waiting for? Registration is available here, and we hope to see you at the event!

Website: http://tinyurl.com/sublinearday2
Poster: http://tinyurl.com/sublinearday2poster
Contact g@csail.mit.edu with any questions.

Gautam Kamath